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Interior DesignStyle Diary: Transform Your Room in Three Easy Steps

Style Diary: Transform Your Room in Three Easy Steps

We’re often asked how to realise a design vision from your minds-eye into reality, pulling together elements to bring imagination and inspiration to life in a way that brings you joy every day. Whether your inspiration came from childhood memories of a coastal breeze playfully dancing with the sheer curtains at your Aunts house, an evocative scene from a movie or novel, a colour, texture, or piece of furniture, or is simply a mood you want to convey, a room transformation can alter the way you feel about a place, time and even influence life memories for you and your guests for years to come…

"A carefully chosen colour palette transforms a room in an instant, taking it from light and breezy to cosy and inviting."

Transforming a space doesn’t have to cost the earth. With a few carefully chosen quality pieces, a creative and coordinated palette and some key investments you can create your dream room, no matter your budget. Here we share some of the guidelines we use when bringing together a room for our clients.

STEP ONE: Colour Palette

Playing with colour can be a great way to influence mood and enjoyment of a space. Careful consideration of a colour palette, highlight hues and colour combinations can lead to a space feeling current yet timeless, calming or energising. Select colours based on the room’s purpose, natural light and mood. And be careful when selecting an accent colour; the use of which should just be an accent, so it doesn’t dominate the room.

Update: Wallpaper and Linen
STEP TWO: Choose Impact

Invest in design features that impact. In store, we’ve created a cosy bedroom space with muted dark purple hues and warm neutral and gold tones to create a sense of sophistication and luxe cosiness that feels modern and timeless. We’ve done this by combining an artful La Aurelia wallpaper feature with textural interest and neutral Libeco bed linen and handcrafted Rom&an Creations feature pendant (available in store only) to warm up the space. With these three investments alone, the space is transformed. The lesson? Bring together high impact investments with your favourite pieces to create a space with style and personality. 

Update: Lighting
STEP THREE: Invest Wisely

Furniture and accessories lift a room and provide an opportunity to inject your personal style into a space. Rather than feeling cramped and cluttered, the right combination of objects, art and furniture can create a sense of space, comfort and individuality. Invest in pieces you love with design that lasts. Combine the collected and cherished with that coveted new purchase to bring a sense of style and interest, setting the scene for years to come.

Update: Furniture and Accessories
BE INSPIRED: Bien Chez Soi Styled Rooms

Visit our store in Issigeac and be inspired by our styled room displays. We combine colour, light, texture, and design elements from our curated brands to create impactful spaces that feel welcoming and unique. 

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